Our co-ordinators work very closely with our corporate and commercial partnerships to better understand their future skills gaps / requirements. Each sector has very different requirements so it is essential that our co-ordinators have an in depth understanding of the organisation goals and business plan.

We then work with our community and education partners to identify those most likely to benefit from engagement with our programmes / partner opportunities. A number of metrics are used to identify the most needy recruits. The only personal criteria a recruit needs is the personal desire and will to improve their life chances

Our robust assessment framework looks too:

  • Provide and implement a framework for a rigorous and regular assessment of the recruit for review with our partners and other agencies
  • Provide a high level view of the recruit to help with the formulation of a tailored programme.
  • Have appropriate risk assessment and safeguard policies for each recruit
  • To ensure the programme consistently provides best practice and delivers positive change.

mentoring programs

mentoring programs, Hand2hand Foundation create the opportunity and environment to help disadvantaged youth. We focus on early stage prevention programme.Quite simply, we create the opportunity and environment to help disadvantaged youth turn their lives around. We focus on early stage prevention programmes, identifying young people who have been failed by society, and other traditional support structures. Our youth are between the age of 16 and 26 with the majority at school age. Suhail Hanif, Founder and Social Entrepreneur, was frustrated by the lack of opportunities and environment for disadvantaged and excluded youth trapped by inter-generational poverty. He verily believed that every child is capable to achieve, however the more fortunate are often given the best opportunities and environment, parental and traditional support structures that make that success much easier.In 2015 we broke away from our private funding model, which was becoming increasingly challenging and unsustainable. We initially, converted our existing net wealth donor relationships into commercial / corporate partnerships to test the new model.Employment Mentoring Programmes
Objectives – The period of transition from unemployment and no hope is extremely challenging, particularly for individuals who have had many promises of support given to them, and in most if not all cases seen nothing. The programme provides focused and tailored support for individuals between the ages of 16 – 26.

The Mentoring Programme – We have developed an enviable network of commercial and corporate partnerships throughout the world. We have relationships in each operating country with a very large number of partners within the consumer, financial, engineering, electronics, education, telecoms, retail, government, not for profits and SME sectors. Our commercial / corporate partners see the huge positive benefits of the passion and determination are recruits bring to their organisations. All of our employment programmes lead on to permanent roles, with training and personal development tailored for each individual.

Mentoring Programs