Hazel is a country co-ordinator with Hand2Hand. This is a volunteer role, which she carries out two days per week. Hazel spent 15 years in investment banking followed by 5 years as a hedge fund manager in the US and Europe.

Hazel describes her role more challenging than her banking career. In banking I dealt with money and investments. Here I deal with youth, real people, people with hope and ambition, people that have been let down by system, so the weight on my shoulders is more than I have ever encountered in my career.

I have been a country co-ordinator for 3 years now, and each day is the best day of my life. Whether it’s signing up a new commercial contract, or watching one of our recruits grow, I love every day.

When people say is the role what you expected? I say no, I never imagined working with youth and giving back could be so fulfilling.



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Stephen is a HR resource manager with one of our corporate partners. Prior to taking the role as external resource manager Stephen was talent manager for the company. I spent weeks and weeks carrying out testing and interviews to identify our future talent direct from universities and our graduate recruitment programme.

Stephen supervises 15 recruits in the companies engineering and design area. Each of the recruits are at very different stages in their development, similar to our internal hires. I try to sit down with each recruit once a month to ensure that they have the best personal development plan possible. I also spend one day a month reviewing new Hand2hand recruits.

Other than the obvious satisfaction you get from helping our new recruits, I am always impressed with the dedication and application of effort and without any hesitation say that the contribution H2H recruits make outweighs our graduate scheme applicants


Richard is chairman for one of our largest Corporate partnerships companies.

Richard has given over 200 recruits the opportunity for full time employment and career development within his companies.

I am always bewildered despite having a world class HR team, where H2H manage to find such ambitious and hard working employees. Some of the recruits have gone on to progress through our companies faster than our other internal and external employees. I can say with certainty that the added value to our businesses far out weighs the investment in time that we place in this partnership 100/ 1 and I am confident that in years to come these recruits will make and shape the future leadership of our companies.

I would highly recommend the partnership to any company.