Case Studies


Jake joined us as an 18-year-old college dropout. While his single mother worked three jobs to support him and his three siblings, Jake stayed up all night playing video games and slept until late in the afternoon. He had no plans for his future, felt no responsibility to contribute to his family’s welfare, and had no drive to do anything but play.

It was his grandfather, Derek, who saw Jake’s potential and introduced him to us. Jake was quickly partnered with his student buddy, Robin. His first task with Hand2Hand was to spend time in workshops with his mother. In doing so, he began to understand the sacrifice she was making for him and his siblings.

With Hand2Hand’s support and encouragement, Jake began training as an apprentice in a carpentry mentorship programme. His grandfather’s faith in him was quickly validated: Jake applied himself to learning as much as he could, and he proved himself a natural at building cabinetry and furniture. His hard work and the support of the foundation opened the doors from there, landing him a spot in a more advanced programme with a prestigious, 200-year-old cabinet-making firm.

Jake’s skill and dedication so impressed his supervisors that they offered him full-time work as a junior cabinet-maker. Today, in addition to working with them, he gives back to his family, helping his mother with her shifts at her third job, giving her the opportunity to spend more time with his younger siblings.

We (and his grandfather!) are delighted to see the change that this young man made in his drive and dedication, and look forward to seeing what he can accomplish in the future.



Portrait Young African American Male in school libraryPeter is an outstanding example of the power of believing in someone – especially when it helps him to believe in himself.

Everyone at Peter’s school had given up on him when he came to us. He hated school, and anyway, he thought it was more fun to miss class. When he did show up, the teachers saw, he caused trouble and distracted the other students. His teachers and administrators were ready to throw him out.

When we got to know Peter through the pre-selection process, we saw something more than a troublemaker; we saw a young man with intelligence and great potential, but one who had no goals or aspirations to work towards. School was hard, and his view of the future was so hazy and undeveloped that he couldn’t see the many ways the work was worthwhile.

We paired him with a mentor who firmly believed he had a bright future ahead of him, and his unwavering faith was contagious. As Peter made his way through our community- and team-building workshops, he started to develop a picture of the future he wanted for himself. Sponsored by one of our partners and supported all the while by his mentor, he soon started to see something else, too: he had the ability to get it.

Armed with these two crucial realisations, Peter returned to full-time education with a totally different attitude.

“I used to think my teachers were wicked and hated them,” Peter says. “Now I have respect for them, and I think my teacher is really cool.”

Today, five years later, Peter studied to be a paramedic, and found a job at his local health trust as a full-time Paramedic and continues to work hard to create the future he wants for himself. The faith his mentor showed in him also continues to be contagious; Peter passes it on through peer-mentoring the next generation of Hand2Hand students.

What a turn-around!


Karen had already tried to strike out on her own, against enormous odds, before she came to us. Her mother was seriously ill, and it fell to Karen to provide most of her day-to-day care. All through her school years and into the first year of college, she bravely shouldered the burden. But the weight was overwhelming, and when she’d only just begun her post-secondary education, she succumbed to depression.

When she first joined us, Karen had been living on the streets for a year and a half and was struggling with a substance abuse problem. She started the induction programme, but she remained deeply guarded, unable or unwilling to believe that anyone could help her. She didn’t make it through the induction. Karen dropped out and returned to living on the streets.

Some three months later, again facing a struggle with substance abuse, Karen came back to us in a different state of mind. This time, she made a personal commitment to positive change. The results were staggering. With the support of a truly tireless mentor, she graduated step by step through the programme, becoming ever more dedicated and willing to believe in her own ability.

Mary completed her A-levels and recently started a foundation degree course in nursing. Today she is excelling as a trainee nurse, and her success story grows ever more fulfilling every day, for her and the mentors of Hand2Hand alike.

Case Studies

Case Studies, Hand2hand Foundation create the opportunity and environment to help disadvantaged youth. We focus on early stage prevention programme.Quite simply, we create the opportunity and environment to help disadvantaged youth turn their lives around. We focus on early stage prevention programmes, identifying young people who have been failed by society, and other traditional support structures. Our youth are between the age of 16 and 26 with the majority at school age. Suhail Hanif, Founder and Social Entrepreneur, was frustrated by the lack of opportunities and environment for disadvantaged and excluded youth trapped by inter-generational poverty. He verily believed that every child is capable to achieve, however the more fortunate are often given the best opportunities and environment, parental and traditional support structures that make that success much easier.In 2015 we broke away from our private funding model, which was becoming increasingly challenging and unsustainable. We initially, converted our existing net wealth donor relationships into commercial / corporate partnerships to test the new model.Employment Mentoring Programmes
Objectives – The period of transition from unemployment and no hope is extremely challenging, particularly for individuals who have had many promises of support given to them, and in most if not all cases seen nothing. The programme provides focused and tailored support for individuals between the ages of 16 – 26.

The Mentoring Programme – We have developed an enviable network of commercial and corporate partnerships throughout the world. We have relationships in each operating country with a very large number of partners within the consumer, financial, engineering, electronics, education, telecoms, retail, government, not for profits and SME sectors. Our commercial / corporate partners see the huge positive benefits of the passion and determination are recruits bring to their organisations. All of our employment programmes lead on to permanent roles, with training and personal development tailored for each individual.

Case Studies